Top 10 Highest Paying IT Companies In Nepal

Nepal, like other countries, has developed over the years in regards to the advent of technology and communication. According to statistical data, almost five hundred IT related companies are being operated in Nepal with ten thousand people being employed in these. Looking for a job? Capable enough to handle the responsibilities? Read on to find out the top 10 Highest paying IT companies in Nepal and settle your employment future for the best way possible.

Highest Paying IT Companies In Nepal

1. Verisk Information Technology

Verisk specifically works on outsourcing of American Health Care. It is also involved in developing the insurance software and has more than 350 employees. Located in Hattisar, it was founded in 2000.

2. Deerwalk

This is another high paying IT company which falls on the list of the Top 10 Highest Paying Companies in Nepal. It has nearly 350 employees and was founded by RudraPandey too. It also specializes in outsourcing of the healthcare sector of America.

3. F1 Soft

This company, founded on 2004 by BiswasDhakal, has more than 250 employees. It focuses on apps development, banking software etc. Cash on ads, phone pay as well as e-see were all created by this company.

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4. Cloud Factory (Sprout Technology)

this is yet another high paying IT company with 130 employees which provides online jobs, data entry, and software. It is a multinational company’s branch.

5. EB Pearls

Yet another high paying IT company EB Pearls has 130 employees and is situated in Koupondole. It is a multinational company based in Australia and offers mobile apps, e-commerce, web design etc.

6. Avionte

It was founded by SandipAcharya and has 100 employees. It offers the services of the e-book, data conversion and security of American banks as well as data migration opportunities.

7. Braindigit

With more than 100 employees and operation started since 2008, this company offers the services of eCommerce, content management, application development and mobile apps development.

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8. Leapfrog Technology

This is another company that falls on the list of the top 10 highest paying it companies in Nepal. It has more than 120 employees and was started on 2012. It also comprises of outsourcing from the US as well as software development services.

9. Yomari Solution

This company is one of the oldest in Nepal and was started on 1997. With more than 90 employees, the services offered by the company includes working with Nepal Telecom, Government of Nepal as well as with International and National Organizations for IT support.

10. Access Keys

This company is a branch of the US-based company and has more than 50 employees in its name. it focuses on website management and design, Mobile Applications as well as SEO activities.


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