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Nobody would ever like to have intruders probing into the depths of your phone where you have the most private things stacked away. It is almost impossible to hide your private files and tell people to not look for it once you have handed over your phone to them. What is the solution then? Presented below are the three best apps to hide pictures and videos on mobile, so you will always be safe from the probing eyes of intruders who like to take a look into your personal life.

Even if you lose your phone, these apps will help you keep your private photos safe. Nobody will be able to access your photos and misuse your photos and videos unless they delete everything. Every which way, these apps are a must have for everyone.

1. Hide Pictures and Videos- Vaulty

Vaulty is trustworthy for your privacy. Hide your private videos and private pictures in Vaulty and be sure to keep it safe. The basic features of the app include:

  • Password protection using PIN or text password.
  • Hide any images, videos and access them from inside the app.
  • Online backup is automatic and can be done for free.
  • Multiple vaults are provided for organizing the pictures and videos accordingly. Each vault has a separate password.
  • Of someone enters a wrong password to enter your vault, a mugshot of the person will be taken so you can recognize and stay away from the person.

2. File Hide Expert

This is another app to hide pictures and videos on mobile. This app allows the hiding of any picture video or an entire folder from your gallery that you do not want others to see. The pictures and hidden folders will be automatically hidden and can be viewed once you unhide them. It is a fast and reliable app which will hide folders ins seconds. The GUI is also clean and smooth and this app also offers password protection in order to ensure your privacy. The status toggling between hidden and unhidden is also pretty fast.

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3. Hide Images, Videos, and Files

This app allows you to hide your folders, images, and videos on your android phone. The delay associated with hiding files is almost none. The file extension of the file is changed so that the file can be accessed from within the site only. Hide and unhide all the contents of the folder at once. Also, password protection is another feature provided in order to protect your files from unwanted access. The user interface is simple and tab based and the size od the file is less than 2 MB and it hogs less amount of your memory.

Stay safe and stay secure by downloading either of these apps and hiding your images and videos.

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