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Worried about mobile spying? Do you need a way to protect your personal space and possessions without compromising your privacy? Download the best app to protect your mobile from spying, Haven. As the name suggests, the app is a haven for those are worried about mobile spying and comprise of security. The Haven app was developed in partnership with the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Guardian Project, and this partnership has turned out to be fruitful for a huge number of mobile users all around the world.

What is Haven App?

Haven is the best app to protect your mobile from spying. It is an app designed for people who need a way to protect their possessions, without needing to compromise their privacy. The android application used a number of on-device sensors to monitor and protect the personal spaces of the mobile. It watches for unexpected intruders and unwanted guests and is a perfectly suited app for human rights defenders, journalists and all people at an increased risk of mobile data leakage. The array of sensors found in any smartphone are effectively used in order to create the best app to protect your mobile from spying.

The world’s most secure technologies namely Signal and Tor have been indulged in order to prevent the worst kind of people form hampering your much-needed personal space.

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What kind of project is Haven?

Haven has developed itself as an open source project which anyone can contribute to. It has been released with a beta version release. Contributors who understand physical security are welcome to put their inputs into the app. The contributor must have a basic understanding and compassion towards the kinds of threat faced by customers.

By making use of encrypted messaging and onion routing, the app has given a new direction of physical security, which is probably as important as digital security is. Haven is a sophisticated and useful approach to securing communication of automation systems.

Who has collaborated on making the app?

The app has been created by the collaboration of Freedom of the Press Foundation and the Guardian Project. FPF did the prototype funding.

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How is safety achieved via the Haven app?

Haven believed in safety through sensors. The app saves images and sound when triggered by volume or motion. It stores everything locally on the device and the device’s camera can be positioned in order to capture visible motion.

Just listen to noises and put your phone somewhere discreet. Doing so can allow you to get secure notifications and intrusion events instantly and access the logs remotely.

The sensors used by the app for measurable change are:

  • Accelerometer: to detect the motion and vibration of the phone
  • Camera: to detect the visible surroundings of the phone using a back or front camera.
  • Microphone: to detect the noises in the environment
  • Light: to detect changes in light from ambient light sensor
  • Power: to detect the unplugging of the device and power loss.

How to download?

Currently, the Haven app can be downloaded from Google Play. Another way to access it is to install the F-Droid from the open source app store first. Secondly, add the Bleeding Edge repository and scan the QR code from the site. You can also build the app yourself from the source of GitHub.

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Why is there no iPhone support?

Currently, Haven does not feature a version of Haven that supports iOS devices. However, they are planning to do so in the future. However, an iPhone user can buy an inexpensive Android phone and configure Haven on it. It will send encrypted notifications to yours. Enabling the Tor Onion Service feature in Haven will allow you to remotely access all Haven log data from the iPhone.

How to use Haven App?

Haven has been designed with a comfortable to use interface in order to provide you with comfortable onboarding experience. Configuring the sensors on your device is the first step. The user experience is set to improve over time.

The main view of the application allows users to check which sensors to use. You can also check the corresponding level of sensitivity along with it. You must then provide a security code which is necessary in case you want to disable monitoring. You can also set a phone number so that the triggered sensors can send a message to the specified number.

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When any one of the sensors is triggered, then the notifications are sent to the number through SMS or end to end encryption notifications via Signal. You have to install the Signal app on the device that runs Haven. Haven makes the use of API in order to communicate the notifications via Signal.

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