Gallery Doctor: Photo Cleaner Mobile App

Most of the people are capturing the photo in each and every movement. A Huge amount of your memory space is occupied by photos due to which you don’t get sufficient space to store other valuable documents on your phone. Among many photos, some of them may not be good but they are stored on your phone in order to clean those unwanted photos you just need to installed gallery doctor on your phone.

This is one of the most popular and widely used photos cleaner app with the help of this app you can delete bad and similar looking photos instantly. You can choose the photo which you want to delete and which you want to store. About2 GB of your phone space is occupied by bad and similar looking photos which you need to delete to get that space free. With the help of this app, you don’t need to search and spend your time in scrolling and deleting the unwanted photos you can do it at once with the help of this app.

This app identifies the photos like blur shot, dark photos, photo with poor quality, similar photo and it also easily identifies your boring shots. Gallery doctor keeps your photos based on your choice; it is the combination of machine learning and computer vision to identify your unwanted photos. With the help of gallery doctor you can boost up your phone speed easily after cleaning the phone with gallery doctor you can optimize your phone storage and save an average of 2GB on their device.

Now we can call gallery doctor as your gallery organizer and your phone speed booster. In order to get good performance of your phone you just need to clean your phone at least once a week. But this app notifies the user every time when there are bad shots taken. This app has got highest rating among photo cleaner app and has good feedback from the user.

This is the best app to clean your gallery but this is only in our view. You can find other several photos cleaning app in play store. If you are using the better app then this you can mention the name of that app in the comment section.

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