How to Get a Free Internet Connection? Follow Best Tricks

Getting a free internet connection is certainly a dream come true for many. An internet connection and a Wi-Fi are expensive, but there are some steps you can take, to get a free internet connection. You can always try your best on connecting to the Wi-Fi of a neighbor or using the internet at a café. These methods, however, have associated risks, that might make you end up in trouble. You might be indulged in problems t hat include stolen identity. Hence, you can always know how to get a free internet connection at times of need, but don’t make it a habit that might ultimately get you to trouble.

Best ways to get Free Internet Connection

1. Around the house

How o get a free internet connection around the house? Read on to find out.

1.1. Go wardriving

War driving sounds exciting but actually isn’t. Grab your vehicle your mobile device and start scanning your neighborhood. There might be some unbothered neighbors who have not decided to out up a password on the network. However, keep in mind that connection to an open network without permission is against the law. This might lead you to probation or 5 years in prison.

  • Use a hotspot database

Wifi has a list of 100 million hotspots around the world and also in rural areas. There are apps for iPhpone and Android to find a connection.

  • Download a software

If your device is still not obtaining a free Wi-Fi connection, simply download a software. These kinds of software will enhance the networking finding capabilities of your mobile. Hidden networks will turn up easily.

  • Do not give out personal data

Using this free connection, do not carry out any kind of bank transactions as this is an unencrypted connection that can be used and hacked by any.

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1.2. Tethering the phone

This is not the ideal situation as the data will get used and your battery will also drain faster.

  • On an iPhone, use the Personal Hotspot feature in Settings.
  • On Android, go to Settings- Wireless and Networks- Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and then check if the Hotspot has been checked on.

1.3. Getting a connection through the cable company

If you have an internet connection through the cable company, you will have access to tens of thousands of hotspots. Check the website of the provider, for nearby hotspots or simply download their mobile app from the app store.

1.4. Share an ISP account

If you find ISP services extremely expensive, you can simply split the price by sharing the service with your neighbors, friends or family. Or if you are not ready to pay, simply offer some extra work for your neighbors, instead of a Wi-Fi connection.

  • You can also try the ISP’s that provide free services. There are plenty which provides free services but with a lot of ads.

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2. Around the Town

How to get a free internet connection around the town? Read on to find out.

2.1. Find your favorite hangout spot

There are many places which offer free Wi-Fi connection so that you visit more often. There are simple places with affordable prices that offer free Wi-Fi connection services. Look out not just for the restaurant, but your gym, your yoga studio, Best Buy etc. for these services.

2.2. Seek out the not so obvious areas

While you have already checked out obvious areas like restaurants and marts for a free wifi connection, also check out the not so obvious areas like the park, the local courthouse, the library, and museums. Many auto part shops too have a free Wi-Fi connection these days. Just search for it and you can easily get a free internet connection.

2.3. Become a member

Walk into the area that you have selected in your mind, simply become a member of the park, restaurant, gymnasium, yoga studio, park or whatever suits your needs. Frequent the area often and simply use the free internet connection whenever you need it.

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3. For a serious hacker

How can a serious hacker get a free Wi-Fi connection?

3.1. Build a cantenna

You can either build or buy a cantenna. A cantenna is a mega-antenna that picks up signals that a normal Wi-Fi device cannot.

3.2. Spoof MAC’s

This isn’t something legal and might end up putting you in trouble. However, if you are in desperate need, just spoof someone’s MAC address and extend the time to use the Wi-Fi connection.

  • Download software like MAC Makeup.
  • Spoof someone else or spoof a brand new one.

3.3. Become a hacker

Become an educational hacker. Knowing how to pick a lock does not make you a thief. Just use the hacking knowledge for good purposes and use it as an intellectual exercise.

  • Get a live CD and a bit of know-how.
  • Do research on cracking WEP and WPA passcodes.
  • This is illegal and might get you in trouble. Do this at your own risk.

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