How to find a job through Google’s New Search Feature

You can land a good paying job when you next surf Google. This new idea has emerged in this month, and Google has promised a new search initiative that will help potential job seekers find jobs in an easy way. If you are dissatisfied with your current employer, if you are devoid of a job, or seeking for opportunities to advance you career, look no further than your most trusted search engine. How to find a job through Google? Read on to find out.

How to Use Google to Find a Job

The annual I/O developer conference in Google has released the details about this cool new feature, this feature will be triggered when you enter a job seeking query in a regular search box in Google. You will not need to enter a special URL to find your dream job. The world’s most trusted search engine has taken up the responsibility of finding a new job for you.

Google search will pull in the job listings from separate sites across cyberspace and organize it in the best way possible. Google will not help you with career advice, and also does not provide a platform to upload your resume and have potential employers find you. However, you can simply enter general queries or enter a term that is more specific.

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To fine tune a search, you can input buttons or tabs. After typing a job you require, you can select many options that appear, in order to narrow or broaden the search. Hover over other sections and this will bring up more choices. After being satisfied with the search criteria that you have entered, you can get email alerts about new job posts that are a perfect fit for the job you are searching for.

To find a job through Google, the best search engine has partnered with LinkedIn, WayUp, Monster, Facebook, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and DirectEmployers. Google promises to showcase appropriate job listings as soon as they are posted. You can also only find the jobs by a given time frame. Once filled, Google will also remove jobs from search results.

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You can also apply search filters to seek employment opportunities within a reasonable distance. When you click a listing, Google surfaces a card of the job description, qualifications, and responsibilities. A button will take you to the origin of the post and you can directly go to the job listing at the employer site. However, you can only find a job through Google in this way. Look elsewhere for salary and career advice as this feature will not be included immediately.

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