Fast For Twitter Lite: why Best for Nepal?

Are you an Android user of Twitter? You should download the Fast for Twitter Lite app right now. why is  Twitter Lite best for Nepal? the thing is that this lightweight app makes it easier to access Twitter with ease. This is not an official Twitter app but, with slow connection speed in Nepal, this app will turn out to be a blessing.

If you are a regular Twitter user, then this app is the best for you. also, Fast for Twitter Lite is best for Nepal owing to the slow connection speeds that Nepal has. If you want to use Twitter under slow connection speeds, but do not want to miss out on the number of tweets that are always on the go, then this app is the best suited for you.

Why Twitter Lite in Nepal?

The app has the following features, that are best suited for people in Nepal.

  1. Fast loading

The app is fast loading and loads twitter without any buffer time.

  1. Low Data Usage

Perfectly suited to the low connection speeds in Nepal, Twitter Lite has low data usage capacities.

  1. Low Battery Usage

As the name suggests, Twitter Lite is a lightweight app. It does not hog up much of your RAM and does not hog up your memory. The app does not affect the speed of your phone whatsoever.

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  1. Small app size

The size of the app is just 1.5 MB. Thus it does not take much of your storage and does not hog up memory. This is best suited also for slow and older models of phones.

The app has obtained some good reviews over the past and the main advantage of using this app is its low usage of data connection and know the usage of memory. The low connection capabilities in Nepal can be overlooked when working with this app. Download and use right now!

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