Who is Dr. Govinda KC? (Biography)

There have been thousands on the support of Dr. Govinda KC the equal number of people are against his decision to undergo a fast-unto-death for the independent academic functioning of the government medical institutions in Nepal. Many might wonder. Who exactly is Dr. KC? What is his age? Who are his family? Read on to find the actual details about this celebrated figure and get your facts straight.

Dr. Govinda KC was born on the 25th of March, 1957 in Ramechhap in Janakpur, Nepal. He studied in the IOM to become a Health Assistant and then won the Ministry of Education scholarship to study an M.B.B.S degree in the Rajshahi Medical College in Bangladesh. He returned to Nepal upon graduation, without pursuing a future in a foreign country and decided to serve in the BirHospital.

Who is Dr. Govinda KC?

He has also studied and obtained an M.S. degree from the Dhaka University and is an orthopedic surgeon. His interest in orthopedics was shortened as he was transferred into a rural area with no facilities of orthopedics, which led him to resign from BirHospital in order to become a volunteer for the IOM.

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K.C. has been brought into the highlight for the humanitarian activities he has undergone in order to make Nepal a better place when medicine is to be considered. He has been known to provide his salary to better the health conditions of remote areas in Nepal. He refuses any kind of help from INGO’s and NGO’s.

He is most known for being a campaigner against the corruptions and undue political pressure faced by the medical sector. He has been advocating against these issues and has been trying his best to bring a reform in the matter. His hunger strikes regarding these issues have raised a lot of political and media uproar with thousands joining him in an attempt to make Nepal and better place when it comes to medicine.

His hunger strikes and controversial advocacies have had an impact in the medical sector in some way or the other. Doctors have been known to support his notion and have announced free medical camps in support of him. He is a man without the inhibition of a family and thus has been respected and applauded much for his attempts in order to remove the vile corruption that lies in almost every sector in Nepal.

He is unmarried and lives in the hospital quarters. Love him or hate him, Dr. Govinda KC will surely leave you thinking and talking about his cause and it is certain that we will be hearing more of and about him in the tie to come.

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