How to Download Movies and TV shows to your iPad?

How do you download movies and TV shows to your iPad? Watching movies and TV shows in iPad are exceptionally interesting owing to its perfect picture quality and sound. However, there might be people who are not aware of how movies and TV shows can be downloaded to your iPad. Simply read the steps mentioned below.

How to Download Movies and TV shows?

  1. Buying the iTunes Store App
  • For buying the iTunes Store app and downloading movies and TV shows to your iPad, simply open the Tunes Store app. The purple app icon with a musical note inside a white circle is the app you are looking for. Connect to a Wi-Fi network as videos generally do tend to hog up a lot of data.
  1. Find the movie or the TV show that you wish to download
  • Tap on search

The magnifying glass icon situated at the lower right part of the screen is the search icon. Type the name of the specific actor, director, movie show or the keyword that you wish to search. Press on Search.

  • Movies

The film strip icon situated on the lower left part of the screen is the movies icon. Browse genres, get suggestions based on price and category or just scan new released.

  • TV shows

The TV screen icon situated at the bottom center of the screen is the TV shows icon, you can browse the series or episodes of completed seasons easily.

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  1. Tap on the price

The download of a song, TV show, movie or album requires a certain price to be paid. Tap on the price indicated next to the title. Rental options are also available in case of some movies or TV shows. If you choose to rent rather than buy, simply tap on the rental price and you are good to go.

  1. Tap on Buy (Media)

This button appears in the same place as the previous price button, Tap it and confirm in the purchase or rental. The movie or the TV show that has been purchased will begin downloading to the iPad, look for TV shows or rented movies under the TV app in the “Downloaded” tab situated in the library.

  • Downloading previous purchases

You can also download the previous purchase by following the simple steps mentioned below.

  • Open the iTunes Store app

The purple app with a white musical note in a white circle is what you are looking for. Connect to a Wi-Fi network to save data.

  • Tap on the More option

This option is situated on the lower right corner of the screen.

  • Tap on the Purchased icon.
  • Tap on the type of media to be downloaded. Choose from TV Shows or Movies.
  • Tap in the upper-right icon of Not on This iPad.
  • Tap on a title or an artist. The movies are listed in an alphabetical order while TV shows are ordered on basis of their series title.
  • Tap on the “Download” icon
    This icon appears on the right of the episode, movie or series that you have already purchased and that you need to download. The icon is shaped like a cloud and has a downward shaped arrow.

The video will now begin downloading to the phone. Look for the downloaded content under the “Downloaded” tab in the Library.

  • Adding video files with iTunes
  1. Open iTunes on Computer

The icon is a multicolored musical note with a white background and a ring outside. If the app asks you to download the most recent version, do not hesitate to do so.

  1. Attach the iPad to the computer

Use the iPadcable; plug the USB end into the computer and the other end to the charging point of the iPad.

  1. click on the drop down menu in the media

This menu is situated n the upper left corner, just beside the icon of the iPad.

  1. Click on TV Shows or Movies

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  1. Click on the option entitled “Library:

The section situated in the left pane of the iTunes Window helps you find several ways to view the videos in the library.

  • Recently added: this section lists movies by the added date.
  • TV Shows: This section lists all the iTunes shows in alphabetical order.
  • Movies: This section lists all the iTunes movies in alphabetical order.
  • Genres: this section lists all the categories of the TV shows or movies.
  • Home Videos: this lists the video files that have been added to iTunes but not purchased from the iTunes Store.
  • Episodes: gives a list of the individual episodes of iTunes purchased TV shows.
  1. Click and drag an item to the iPad

Click on the title of the movie and drag it from the library to the right side of the window. Hold the mouse button down and drag the file over the iPad’sicon situated on the left pane of the window. This is situated under the Devices section. Release the mouse button. You can also select multiple items by clicking them and holding down the Ctrl key. On Mac, you can do the same by holding the Command key.

  1. Wait and let the files be transferred to the iPad.

This process completes, allowing you to disconnect the iPad from the desktop. The transferred files will now be under the TV app in the Download tab, situated in the Library screen.

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