Do you want to go Israel for jobs? Follow these rules

Israel is one of the most sought destinations for Nepali caregivers, who in Nepal doesn’t want to go Israel for jobs. Job environment, salary, and other facilities are the key factor of attraction to caregivers. Nepali caregiver can earn at least 100,000/- Nepali rupees every month in Israel which is the main reason that every Nepali youngster wants to go Israel for jobs.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Israel has agreed to hire 60 caregivers from Nepal in the ‘pilot phase’ of the proposed government to government recruitment system. After five years 60 Nepali workers (80 percent women and 20 percent man) are going to Israel. Israel had stopped issuing visas to Nepali workers since 2010 because citing irregularities and exorbitant fees charged by recruiting agencies to aspire workers.

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Under the new system, the governments of both the countries have agreed on the basic criteria of health, age, education qualification, working days, salary and other facilities for the workers. Under the proposed rule, Nepali workers can go to Israel within the maximum expenses of around 65,000/- Nepali rupees. Want to go to Israel for jobs as a worker/caregiver, you should follow certain rules.

  1. Should be above 25 years and below 45 years of age.
  2. Should be at least 5 feet in height.
  3. Should be above 45 kilograms in weight.
  4. Should have passed at least school leaving certificates (S.L.C) exam.
  5. Should be fully healthy.
  6. Should have a good police report.
  7. Should have passed a Nursing course or caregiver skill trained.

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