Top 5 Dangerous And Risky Games For Kids

Recently, an online game called Blue Whale has been trending among children and youngsters. Similarly, there are a number of dangerous online trends that have been going around in the world and brainwashing kids. Mentioned below is a list of top 5 dangerous and risky games for kids. It is high time that people become accustomed to the dark web of lies and brainwashing going around in the world, and focus on the online life of their children. The top 5 dangerous and risky games for kids have made it to almost every corner of the world.

The saddening online games have killed a lot of children and teenagers in the past few years. These games often end in suicide and have involved children harming themselves to prove something. The children often incite safe harm or share pictures of their private parts when exposed to these games. Let’s take a look at the top 5 dangerous and risky games for kids, and be aware of the issues involved with it.

  1. Blue Whale Challenge

This infamous game has become extremely popular in the past two months. The players of this game have to carry out 50 tasks which are extremely harmful. These tasks often incite self-harm. It includes menial things like watching horror films at night and waking up mid-night and posting pictures or videos of the same. The levels of the tasks increase with each successful task and have often led to the final point, suicide. There is no [particular reason why children would be attracted to such a demonic game, but it has cost the lives of 130 children up to date.

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  1. The PassOut Challenge

Another stupid, yet trendy game on the internet is the PassOut Challenge. The game is also known as the checking game. It has become extremely popular amongst teenagers. Without knowing the consequences, teenagers have been known to be exposed to the game by strangling the neck of their friends. The game requires the children to strangle their friend in such a way that the recipient of the strangling faints. This game has claimed about 250 to 1000 lives just in America per year.

  1. The Salt and Ice Challenge

One of the 5 dangerous and risky games for kids is the Salt and Ice Challenge. The Salt and Ice Challenge has also become extremely popular amongst the teenagers. Teenagers first place salt over the skin and then put ice over it. The temperature of ice decreases to -23-degree Celsius because of the salt, thus giving the skin a dangerous frostbite. This can also lead to several injuries on the skin. Teenagers have been known to make videos of playing this game and uploading it online.

  1. The Fire Challenge

Much like the Salt and Ice challenge, the Fire Challenge involves setting fire to oneself. This is also one of the top 5 dangerous and risky games for kids. Teenagers have been known to pour inflammatory substances on their stomachs and set fire to it. This task is made into a video and put up on social media networking sites t gain attention and likes. When playing this game, a 15-year-old teenager was killed when he accidentally burnt himself. One teenager girl also became popular, when she put alcohol in her chest and set it to fire, in order to participate in this game.

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  1. The Cutting Challenge

Another one of the five most dangerous and risky games for kids is the Cutting Challenge. This game has been popular amongst unsuspecting children who can easily be manipulated. The children are told to cut themselves and click videos and photos of it to post online. Reportedly, whoever managed to make the biggest wound, is considered the winner. Children are often made to fall into this trap by letting them believe that they will get a chance to be a member of some big online group by doing this task. The need for popularity and likes has often been cited to be the reason why children fall into this trap.

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