How to Control your computer through mobile app

It is actually very cool to access the files on your computer, from outside your home. It is also a good idea to have a remote control of your computer, which can help you use a headless system without a monitor. To control your computer without using a mouse or a keyboard is certainly a cool idea to adopt. How to control your computer through your mobile? How can you create your computer’s very own remote control device by the help of your mobile phone? Read on to find out.


1. Using a remote desktop client

This is one method to achieve remote control of your computer using your mobile phone. Using a remote desktop client will help you transmit the images from your monitor to your phone. This is a complicated method of controlling your computer through a mobile app and is generally used by a less number of users. The second method is more suitable for normal people with limited knowledge of client and server.



2. Using a mobile app

A standard mouse or a keyboard app is not sufficient to transmit video or sound. These kinds of apps work as a TV remote control. For all the facilities, it is better to use apps which require an active connection to a local network. Below mentioned are the best apps which will help you know about to how to control your computer through a mobile app.



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  • AirDroid

This android app helps the wireless transfer of files between the Android and your PC. Connect the phone to the computer via the Android app and you are good to go.

  • Airstream

This is another app that streams all the files on your laptop or computer to Android devices. Anything you store on your computer can be accessed by the help of this app.



  • Polkast

This app creates a secret tunnel between your computer and Android Device for easy and secure access to the files stored on your computer. You can also search anything on the computer using the Android device.

  • Google Chrome Remote Desktop

This is another one of the best remote to control your computer through a mobile app. Install this chrome extension on your computer and also on your Android or iPhone. Connect the two and you can access almost anything from the computer on your mobile phone.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop

This is a Microsoft’s first party remote desktop solution to control your computer through a mobile app. It can be used for Android, iOS, as well as Windows Phone and fixes and new features, are added on a regular basis.



  • Virtual Network Client

It is one of the favorite access solutions for power users and engineers. This open source design is suitable for remote access by use of Android, iOS as well as Windows phones. This app, however, is intended for use by advanced users and if you do not know how to find the IP address of your computer, it is useless to download and use this app.

  • Remote Mouse

This app is not like other sever-client based applications and is useful for emulation of the computer’s mouse and keyboard only. It can only be used to screen or monitor your computer and needs a local Wi-fi network to work. For the mouse/touchpad functionality to control your computer through the mobile app, this app is perfect and suitable for use in iOS, Android and can be used in desktops with Windows, OS X or the Linux server. To send basic commands, this app is probably the best one.




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