15 steps to make your computer faster

We use laptops and computers in our daily use. We use it for playing games, net surfing, etc. As we know while using it many virus may comes in our laptops and computers and makes it slower.

If you are tired of slower laptops and computers then we got you some few simple steps that will help you make your laptops and computer runs faster. It will help both Windows and Mac computer run faster.

15 steps to make computer faster:

Back up your files: You will have many things in your computer like photos, music, movies, etc. You should bring external hard drive so that you can save your all files in it. It is good idea to back up your files because you will not lose your important files.

You can also save some most important files online backup. Or if you don’t have external hard drive you can easily back up of your files in CD or DVDs. But be sure to keep them in safe place so that they don’t get scratches.

Restart your computer: Restarting your computer can also speed up your slow computer temporarily by refreshing computers memory. You can restart or shut down your computer and you can use after some seconds. Before restart or shut down make sure that you’re save your program that you are using.

Check your hard disk space: You should check your hard disk space and make sure there are some spaces free so that your computer will run smoothly. You should keep 15% of your hard disk space so your computer works well. If your hard disk is full uninstall all unwanted apps.

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Remove your unwanted apps: There will be many apps that are installed in your computer which makes your computer slower. Check your computer if you found any unwanted apps then just uninstall them and make some free space so that your computer runs smooth. And you should make empty your recycling bin.

Prevent unnecessary programs from starting when the computer boots up: Your computer may open some programs as soon as you start your computer. You should check them and close that unwanted programs. You can see the programs that are running in your computer by Clicking on Startup to see a list of all the programs.

Change the power plan of your desktop computer to high performance: You can change the power option of your computer by changing the power plan. This power plan will helps you to choose you power plan from list from Balanced, Power Saver and High Performance. To speed your computer you choose high performance.

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Remove any unnecessary entries from the windows context menu:  When you right-click something the context menu will pops up. You can delete apps if you don’t want to include in context menu. If you use it incorrectly it may damage your system so you should be careful.

Install an anti-virus: Anti-virus can make your computer run fast and will detect virus and harmful files and helps to remove it.

Run a Disk Cleanup: This helps you to clean up hundreds of unwanted temporary files, unnecessary system files, and emptying your recycling bin.

Run a Disk Defragment: This will helps you to organize your data and makes free space so that your computer runs fine.

Disable visual effects: We can find 20 visual effects. You can turn them on or off. You just have to turn them off.

Add more Ram: Ram will help your computer and programs run smoothly. You can add ram whenever you want if you feel your computer is slow.

Remove gadgets: By right clicking you will find gadgets and again right click and delete or just uninstall.

Clean temporary files on your computer: Many of temporary files will generates each time when you boot up and use applications. By cleaning temporary files your computer will work better.

Upgrade new hardware: Sometime it’s may be the cause of old hardware. Replace old hardware’s with new hardware’s.

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