India’s Monopoly Over Nepal’s Internet Services Ends Now

It is a time for Nepalese people to rejoice. It has now been released that China and Nepal will be connected through an internet system, thus ending the decades-long monopoly that India had over Nepal’s internet services. Nepal Telecom has now been linked cross-border through an optical fiber to China, thus ending the monopoly of India over Nepal’s internet.

Now Chinese internet services to Nepal

There had been multiple times in the past when the China-Nepal internet connection issues had almost been a success. However, after much awaited time, China and Nepal will finally be attached to each other through an optical fiber connection. The connection has been tested successfully, and Nepal’s Communication minister Mohan Bahadur Basnet and China’s Ambassador to Nepal You Hong has collaboratively inaugurated the connectivity.

The testing phase for the internet services will take some weeks to complete. After this, the connection will phase out into a business level. The decision to take internet services from China started off after the blockade that India imposed in Nepal after the introduction of the new constitution.

The internet connectivity will occur through Rasuwa Gadi to Nepal. While the internet services should have reached Nepal a year ago, extreme snow conditions halted the process for quite some time. The past winter posed numerous issues in the Chinese side, causing the optical fiber network to be completely covered with snow.

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It took almost a year from the internet connection to be established between China and Nepal after the agreement had been done. The agreement was done between Nepal Telecom and China Telecom Global, to use the Rasuwa- Jillong gateway to connect the two countries through an optical fiber connection.

The Chinese connection will pass through the central connection of Nepal Telecom and will reach the households of Nepal. The Chinese link, however, is expected to be a bit more expensive than the link with India. However, this connection will allow Nepal to be connected to internet service providers of Hongkong as well.

Nepal Telecom has been taking 22 GB of internet volume from Indian networks in the likes of Tata, Airtel, BSNL, Bharat Punjab and Reliance. With the new agreement between China and Nepal, the monopoly that India had over Nepal’s internet has now come to an end.

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This agreement has proven to be a better idea to link to another country except I India. In desperate conditions, Nepal will now have an alternative to India’s network connectivity. With the connectivity established with China, the internet connections currently do not have to depend on Indian network anymore.

China Telecom is expected to give excellent services to Nepal through that route. Nepal can be expected to become a transit hub for China in the near future. China Telecom is now expanding its internet route in the Himalayan region of Nepal and has promised to provide Nepal with better, expanded services.

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