How to Do Cheap call to Nepal Through Viber Out

Viber Out has recently introduced the cheap call rates to Nepal and this fact has come out as a rejoicing fact to people all around the world. Viber users can now use the Casway Money Transfer to recharge the Viber out the account. The recharge can be carried out both by people living in Nepal or living abroad.

Viber has emerged in the past few years as one of the most well-known messaging apps in the world. There are 800 million users of the app and Nepal hosts about 41 lakh Viber users,

Viber Out is a service that can help users to call mobiles or landlines all around the world. Users can also use their own mobile numbers to do so.

Viber Out service phases out the issues of having to pay roaming charges. Thus, cheap call rates are ensured via the use of the service. As Viber has now introduced cheap call rate to Nepal as well, Viber users can rejoice and use the service to call any loved one or family all around the world.

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As soon as the service started up, Viber users can now call international friends and family without the use of ICD. Users can recharge their Viber out via the use of Casway Money app.

There are a number of packages to help you get started with the use of Viber-Out Cheap call rate to Nepal. The information about the different packages that can be undertaken is illustrated below.

Cheap call rate to Nepal

  • 9.9 American dollars is equivalent to 118 min of call to Nepal mobile
  • 4.99 American dollars is equivalent to 59 min of call to Nepal mobile.
  • 24.99 American dollars is equivalent to 294 min of call to Nepal mobile.

If you do not wish to partake the plans of Viber Out- Cheap call rate to Nepal, then you can simply call your loved ones under the following rates:

  • Mobile: 8.5 cents/min
  • Landline: 8.5 cents/min

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