How to Change the Language in Android

You order an Android Device from China and the entire operating system is in Chinese. If you know Chinese, this would not pose a problem for you. However, if you don’t, then you will need to change the language in Android. Luckily, doing so is not a difficult task to do. You can easily change the operating systems language, keyboard language and voice searching language.




To change the display language in Android, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Settings app and if the device is in another language, look for the Gear like icon in the App Drawer.
  • Once you are in the Settings app, select the Language and Input option. If the phone is running is another language, look for the icon with a box with the A icon.
  • Select the option named Language and if it is in another language, then just click on the first option. The first option is always the Language and Input option.
  • Select the desired language. The language will be displayed in each of the native fonts and tap the language that you want.
  • To set your spell checker language settings tap on the Settings button. It is situated to the left of the Spell checker box and beneath the Language option. The Globe button next to the spell checker is to be tapped next. A list of languages will be opened. Select the Use System language option to use the same language that you previously selected.
  • Now, all the menus, apps etc. will be displayed in the new language. The language settings are decided by how the developer has set it. Hence, not all of the apps might correctly translate to your desired language.




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To change the Input Language, follow the following steps:

  • Open the settings app and select the Language and Input option. If the keyboard is using a different language than your display language, then you can change the keyboard language from this menu.
  • Tap on the Settings button next to your active keyboard and you will see multiple keyboards listed here. the Default keyboard will;l be listed underneath the Default option. The Settings button looks like three sliders and you can now tap on the Languages option, which will open a list of languages.
  • Select the language that you want to use to type in. check on Use System language option and select the language from the list. If the language you require is not on the list, you might need to install another keyboard from the Play Store. You will find the installed keyboard here too.
  • You can also add the text correction dictionary and if you have installed a new language keyboard, you will need to download the text correction dictionary along with it. Tap on Text correction option and on the Add-on dictionaries button. Tap on the dictionary you want to install and tap on Install button.
  • If you want to switch between the languages when typing, then look for the Globe button on your keyboard. The exact process of switching languages will vary depending on the keyboard type.



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Do you use Google Now and do you want to change the language of Google Now? To change the language in Android in Google Now, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Google Settings app from the app drawer.
  • Select on Search & Now which will open the Settings menu. This menu is for the Google Search and Google Now app.
  • Tap in the Voice option which will load the options for voice commands in Google Now.
  • Tap in the Language option which can be found on the top of the list.
  • Check all the boxes for the languages that you desire to use. Tap on the Save option when you are finished. Press and hold the language that you want to make default. The default language will be the spoken language that Google Now uses.




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