Can Earthquake Affected Individual’s Visa be Processed Faster?

What is Express Entry?

Express Entry is a system in Canada where skilled immigrants are chosen as PR as their capacity to settle there is realized. This overall management of skillful people with experience is known as Express Entry.

How Express Entry Works

There are three federal economic programs of immigration as follows:

*The Federal Skilled Worker Program

*The Federal Skilled Trades Program and

*The Canadian Experience Class
system comes in two steps as follow:

Step no.1

Possible Candidates Complete filling an online Express Entry Profile

This is a secured form which they will use to support information about their skills, work experience, language knowledge, education and other details which will assist us evaluate them.

Step no.2

The candidates who rank the highest among the pool will be invited to apply for PR

Can Earthquake Affected Individual’s Visa be Processed Faster?

Those candidates who are found to be ranked against others in the pool using a point-based system is known as Comprehensive Ranking System. The information in their profile brings points.

Those candidates with the highest scores within the pool will be granted an Invitation to Apply. They will be awarded points for a job offer, a nomination from a province/territory and/or skill, experience factors. Those candidates who are invited to apply will have total 60 days to submit an online application for PR.

Government of Canada is providing easy application process for those who are hit by the earthquake in Nepal 2015. In the Canada Immigration Office website, there is a frequently asked question as below whose answer lets us know that those who are hit by the recent earthquake are highly prioritized while making visa requests.

Let’s take a look at it.

I am hit by the recent Earthquake in Nepal. Is there any way to process my application faster?


  • CIC is giving priority for applications on request for the visa applications from people in the Earthquake hit spots who are importantly and directly hit by the Earthquake. Their applications are prioritized with significant stress on rendering priority processing for partners and children dependent of citizens of Canada and PR holders.
  • CIC is also providing priority for new and prevailing applications for citizenship certificates, PR travel documents, PR cards for applicants.
  • More to it, CIC is making priority for in-Canada irregular residence extension applications- comprising visitors, workers and students from applicants of the hit area.

Are you an applicant or a sponsor who is affected by the Nepal Earthquake? Contact CIC office to identify yourself. Log on to the following page to contact the visa office.

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