How to Build Strong House in Nepal? Mobile App Helps You

Surakshit Ghar is a perfect app that will help you build a strong house in Nepal. Developed by the National Reconstruction Authority with technical support from Build change, Surakshit Ghar is an app that provides information about building houses at earthquake affected regions in Nepal. At-risk communities can easily look into the app and perfectly known how a strong house can be built in Nepal with less effort.

Retro-fit houses and schools can be built safely using the Surakshit Ghar app. The app is a perfect opportunity for you to explore the possibilities of creating a strong house in Nepal, which is cost efficient and strong. The main vision of the app is to promote safe and earthquake resistant constructions in Nepal. 6 different key features are currently supported by the app.

App helps you to build a strong house

  1. Safe construction practices

This feature provides unlimited access to the construction practices which are earthquake resistant and which will help you build your strong house in Nepal. There are ten key steps which will illustrate how you can build stronger and safer houses by keeping the construction guidelines in mind. The detailed description of key messages and short videos are made available.

  1. Work Site Safety

This provides access to information which will help you ensure the safety of the workers on the work site. It also gives general ideas about the safety for homeowners. Checklists and information are provided to ensure safe building construction practices.

  1. List of trained masons

It provides a large list of trained masons and their individual numbers with this, homeowners can freely contact the builders who have proven their skills in the homemaking fraternity. It gives the list of masons who are experienced in making earthquake resistant houses.

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  1. Designs

House designs is a featured of the SaurakshitGhar app, which helps build strong houses, the list of government approved house designs for anti0earthwualke, are listed in this feature. It gives access to homeowners in rural areas, the resources needed to build a safe house. It also contains checklists about the considerations to be put into mind when constructing a new house.

  1. List of engineers

This feature gives access to the database of trained engineers who will help you in creating an earthquake resistant house with ease. The information of the engineers deployed in the Municipalities/ VDC’s of earthquake resistant districts is made available here.

  1. Contact details

You can also ask for help with professionals through this app. The contact details feature will allow homeowners to ask engineers for technical assistance. It also helps to give the coordinates of the area where they would like to build a house. Engineers can then check the coordinates against the hazard mapping details they have with them.

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Make your dreams of building a strong house come true with the Surakshit Ghar app.

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