Best Remote Control Apps for Android for TV, ACS& Projector control

Are you tired of using different remote controllers for different purposes? Do you want to the device inside your pocket to control the operations for TV, ACs and Projector control? With the modernization in technology and the enhancement of different applications, controlling devices from your fingertips has become easier each passing day. New Android phones entering the market have been equipped with an Infrared Blaster or IR Blaster. You can simply download remote control apps and control your household or official appliances which have a remote control.

There are top three IR Infrared Remote control apps for Android TV, ACs and Projector Control. If you have IR Blaster hardware inbuilt in your phone, you can simply download an IR Remote app and control the Android TV, ACs & Projector Control.  Presented below are the top 2 free IR Infrared remote control apps for Android for TV, ACs and Projector control.

  1. Remote App #1- AnyMote Smart Remote

AnyMote Smart Remote is a free IR Infrared remote control app for Android TV, AC’s and Projector Control. It is a feature rich IR Remote app with a lot of inbuilt- IR frequencies for all your gadgets. TV, AC’s, fridge, fan, set top box etc. name it and you can control it all sing this app in your phone. It also has the feature of manual frequency addition.

Use or duplicate any remote present in the remote lists. AnyMote Smart Remote also has standard features like remote customization and Wi-Fi remote. It also allows you to use your phone as aSmart Wi-Fi remote. Download App.

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  1. IR Remote App #2- Sure Universal Remote

Sure Universal Remote is one of the top 3 free IR Infrared remote control apps for Android for TV, ACs& Projector control. it is a great app for IR remote. It is an easy to use the app and consists of a light user interface it is the easiest to use and has a proper set-up amongst all the apps that exist. It also supports dual band remote control IR+ Wi-Fi. It however also supports one signal band at a time. Download App.

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  1. IR Remote App #3- Peel Smart Remote TV

Peel Smart Remote TV is a remote which has a slight twist. It has all the features that let it control your TV from the phone; it also acts as a TV Guide. It has the embedded feature which recommends you the shows to watch daily or to switch to. It also switches channels automatically depending on the daily macro, so the remote does not need to be touched again.All trending shows will be shown on the phone itself. Download App.

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