The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For iPhone

Do you know the 5 best photo editing apps for iPhone? Have you tried to no avail to find the best editing apps that makes your passion of photo editing come true? Read on find out the best 5 photo editing apps for iPhone.

Photo editing has emerged more as a passion than as a way of enhancing the looks of a photograph needless to state; new apps are being released on a daily basis. These 5 best photo editing apps will act as a perfect way to enhance your mobile photography in the comfort of your mobile phones and with ease.

The 5 Best Photo Editing Apps

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the 5 best photo editing apps for iPhone. The all-purpose photo editor is perfect for image enhancements and corrections. This app is one of the most popular photo editing apps due to its ease of use. It excels in all basic technique of photo editing and also has extra features like selective adjustments and healing tool. Remove unwanted objects via the help of creative filters. The features of the app are listed below:

  • Frames and text are available for free.
  • Adjust the exposure, color, and sharpness of your photographs.
  • Brushes, healing tool, and selective adjustments can be easily done.
  • Filters and vignette mode help make the photographs pop out.
  • Black and white as well as HDR modes available.
  • Crop, correct perspective and strengthen your photos.

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  1. Filterstorm Neue

This powerful photo editor app is suitable for advanced level image editors.  It offers much more control in the photo editing genre and has a mobile friendly format. The powerful curve control is the best feature of this editing tool. You can also apply adjustments selectively and use the masking brush to create a unique look, setting this app apart from all other apps available in the market. The features of this photo editing app for iPhone are:

  • Selective editing can be easily done by masking tools.
  • Adjust the preset filters with ease.
  • Use advanced tools for tone map, channel mixer, curves, and levels.
  • Noise reduction, watermarking, clarity, and sharpening can be carried out with ease.
  • Replace and remove objects using cloning tools.

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  1. Enlight

This app is an all-in-one solution for photo editing; hence it also falls on the list of the 5 best photo editing apps for iPhone. It has an extensive collection of basic as well as editing tools for professionals. You can get really creative with your images, and apply effects to selected parts in order to give your images a different look. The built-in Help feature is surely something that sets it apart from all other applications. The features are:

  • Adjustdoubleexposure, photo montages, and tilt shift.
  • Crop, rotate correct perspective and straighten the pictures.
  • Exposure color and details can be controlled selectively.
  • It also consists of a clone tool to remove or add objects.
  • Drawing tools like frames, borders, and texts help you give a better look to your pictures.
  • Light leaks, filters, gradients, and vignettes can be utilized for enhancing your picture quality.
  • Sketch effects, black and white, as well as painterly sketch effects, can be done with ease.

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  1. Touch Retouch

As the name suggests, the app can help you remove blemishes and objects from your photos with ease. It is one of the easiest and effective applications when it comes to removing objects. Quickly highlight the objects to be removed and the app removed the object and fills that area with pixels from the surrounding areas. The features of one the best 5 photo editing apps for iPhone are:

  • Use the lasso to select the object to be removed.
  • The app replaces the selection with the surrounding objects.
  • Retouch your portraits and make them clearer.
  • Remove people and unnecessary objects with ease.
  • Use the clone tool to duplicate objects and remove wires and dust spots to make your photo get a cleaner look.

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  1. AfterFocus

AfterFocus helps you create a shallow depth of field, much like a photo clicked via a DSLR. The special app imitates the field effect as seen in a DSLR. The background gets blurred and your main subject is in focus. This effect is easy to achieve by simply using the finger to mark the foreground and background areas. To draw your viewer’s attention to the main subject, simply use this best photo editing app for iPhone. The extensive features of this app are:

  • Use filter effects to enhance your photos.
  • Choose the editing tool from various aperture styles.
  • Select the focus area with your finger and blur the app in the background.
  • Control the amount of blur in your images.
  • Create a sense of movement using the motion blur effect.

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