7 Must Have Nepali iTunes Apps | Download Now

There are a number of Nepali apps on iTunes Store which has managed to become highly downloaded by Nepali people around the world. If you are in search for the best Nepali iTunes apps on the store then you have come to the right place. Listed below are the best Nepali iTunes apps in the store which you can download and feel the true Nepali feel right now.

Best Nepali iTunes Apps

  1. Nepali FM- Radio Video News

This app is available for iOS devices and is available on iTunes. It is a one-stop iOS app for all Nepali people with more than 200 radio stations of Nepal. there are also 100 audio books that can be read offline when you have the time to. This app was released in 2009 and is the first Nepali app for Phone which can be used to listen to the radio. Download Now.

  1. Nepali Music

This is a free app for Nepali music lovers. This app is available on iTunes and has more than 7000 Nepali songs. The songs are added continuously and updated with time. The app also allows the songs to be played continuously and allows background play. You can easily navigate songs using the previous and next buttons. The songs are grouped on basis of artists and you can create different playlists depending on your presence. Bluetooth is also enabled in the app and you can play or pause the app using a remote control mechanism, Search as many songs as you like. Download Now.

  1. Learn Nepali

Learn Nepali is another best Nepali app on iTunes store. It is one stop solution to learn Nepali efficiently and with ease. If you are a Nepali living abroad or are interested in visiting Nepal, then this app is perfectly suited for you. Download Now.

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  1. Type Nepali by Nepalayas

This is another best Nepali app for iOS which is available on iTunes. This app provides an easy way to type in Unicode font. You can type easily right on your mobile device. The user interface is also easy to use. Download Now.

  1. Yonder Music – Nepal

This is another Nepali app on iTunes that has been downloaded a huge number of times. The app is a free music app that can be sued to listen to music. There are more than 2 crore songs available. You can use its services after downloading and without the presence of internet too. You will get a chance to create playlists and separate songs according to genres. You can also search the songs depending upon the number of artists. Download Now.

  1. BattiGayo

BattiGayo is an app that helps you know the recent load-shedding schedule. This iOS app has managed to become highly downloaded and is extremely popular amongst people in Nepal. The app is one of the best  Nepali apps on iTunes store. Never know when the lights go out? Then no problem. All the recent schedules are uploaded ion a regular basis. Download Now.

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  1. NepalSutra

This is another best Nepali app on iTunes. NepalSutra is a personal guide to Nepal and a travel companion. It gives the address of the places on a location map and the names in Nepali fonts so that you can get around easily. This app helps you in easy accommodation. It is a free travel app available on the Apple Store. Find the deals to the specific city, find places to stay and find traveling buddies when you travel. This is a perfect app in order to find like-minded people to meet up. Download Now.

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