Best Nepali Calendar Mobile Apps

We all know that we do not need application from Play Store for English calendar but for Nepali calendar we must have to Nepali calendar app from Play Store. Nepali calendar is vast as compared to the English calendar. There are few awesome Nepali calendar app for smartphones and among them top 3 most used Nepali calendar apps are here in this article.

Nepali Patro

Nepali Patro is the extended form of This app can be viewed in both Nepali and English languages. This application provides all the detail about the Nepali date, Time, Panchanga, and Tithi. By configuring the setting of this application you will get the daily date, my events and daily horoscope notifications.Search for the events in Nepali or English language and countdown feature for upcoming event. Date and currency conversion is also available here. This is more than calendar app and you can read the news and use beneficial widgets.

You have to add this app in ignore list if you use task killer otherwise the widgets will not work smoothly. This application needs your feedback to add more features and manage the old features. Recent version of this app has fixed some old bugs.

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Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is among the most used apps by Nepalese. This application then the calendar will be loaded from internet. Catch up with current Nepali and English dates with exact Nepali time. You will be notified about every event, new day, shahit if you want. You can observe the Nepali date for special festivals and also you can send your friends the festival related e-cards. Festival related music is also here in the occasion of festivals. This application has almost 100 years of calendar with important Tithi and days. Date and currency conversion is also available in this app.

Beyond the calendar this application has got the features of 14 more applications.This app has online radio stations, breaking news and e-newspapers, daily horoscopes, load shedding schedule, Nepali keyboard, Photos and videos of special occasions, flash torch, and the access to the recorded files of device. This app is also known as the must have app for all Nepalese.

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ToyanathPatro-Nepali Calendar

ToyanathPatro is the digital form of Toyanath Panchanga which has been servicing in our Nepali society for 125 years. Toyanath Panchanga has been accepted culturally and socially by Nepalese. So, for the people who cannot be reached by Toyanath Panchanga, this app ToyanathPatro is developed.

This app involves Nepali calendar, Toyanath SajiloPatro in Nepali language, and suitable Sahit. Further than the calendar terms this app has the features like list of events in an order, daily, monthly and yearly horoscope, Date convertor, Mantra for different occasions, and the dream explanation.

These types of applications are playing a big role to save our culture.All three applications have their own specialisms and you can pick any of them as your requirement. The applications mentioned above in this article can add more features in the future.

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