Nepal Facts: Best 10 Facts about Nepal

A landlocked country situated in South Asia, Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in the world for sure. Housing the highest eight mountain peaks and also exquisite topographic and geographical beauty, Nepal is certainly one of the best countries in the world where it comes to cultural, geographic and religious diversity. What are the 10 best (Nepal Facts) facts about this multiethnic country? Read on to find out about the 10 best Nepal facts that are surely set to intrigue you.

Top 10 Nepal Facts

  1. Starting with tourism, Nepal is the country with the densest concentration of World Heritage Sites from all over the world.
  2. Nepal houses 8 of the highest peaks from all over the world, including the highest peak in the world, the Sagarmatha or the Mount Everest which stands tall at the height of 8848 meters.
  3. Nepal’s calendar differs from the Gregorian calendar. Nepali New Year is celebrated in mid-April and the Nepali Year is approximately 57 years and 8.5 months ahead of the Gregorian calendar.
  4. Nepal houses amazing flora and fauna. It has been said that the Himalayas in Nepal houses the Yeti. Poaching was zero in Nepal in the year 2014 and Nepal houses endangered species like the red panda, Bengal tiger, and snow leopard. Also, talking about animals, Nepalese don’t eat cows as a cow is the national animal of the country.
  5. A sad fact, the life expectancy of people in Nepal is just 59 years and 20.4% of 13-14-year-olds smoke tobacco in Nepal.
  6. The flag of Nepal is the only flag which does not have a square structure.
  7. Momo, a dumpling is one of the most popular fast foods in Nepal. When talking about food and drinks, it has been estimated that 75.3% of females in Nepal have never tasted alcohol while the number for men is 52.9% percent. Also in Nepal, the left hand should never be used for eating food.
  8. Nepal is the world’s biggest producer of mustard seed and the third highest producer of ginger.
  9. Almost half the population o Nepal survives on 1$ per day.
  10. About 3400 Gurkhas now serve the British Army. During the WWII, 112,000 Gurkha’s served the British Army.

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All in all, Nepal is a country of miracles and amazing facts. Visit it once and you will be attracted to it forever. From tourism to poverty to miraculous achievements, Nepal has it all.

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