Best Six Apps to Clean Up Your Android Mobile

Like any other device that exists, your Android is also bound to slow down over time. There are a huge number of apps which claim to be the best apps to clean up your Android, however, all that these apps do are clog up the disk space and end up making the Android even slower. These apps can also potentially cause harm o your device by infecting it with malware and viruses. Here we present a list of six best apps to clean up your Android. These apps are tried and tested, and will certainly play their required role of cleaning up your Android and making your Android experience better.

Which are the best apps to clean up your Android?

  1. Clean Master

Clean master is a great app that helps you free up your storage and improves the performance of your device. This app boosts up games, optimized the performance of your battery and protects the device against infections from malware and viruses. The app performs well in cleaning up the application cache and residues of uninstalled apps.

Clean Master developers claim that the app can clean the viruses in the device in the short duration of 8 seconds. With just one tap, it can clean up the RAM within seconds. The best thing about the app is that it does all of this, without wasting your battery and consuming your CPU. The app is a lightweight one and helps in uninstalling unwanted apps or bloat ware. Scan and delete duplicate photos, recover deleted photos, move system apps to SD card and uninstall it, all with the use of this cool app.

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  1. CCleaner

This is yet another app which serves the purpose of cleaning up your Android; it can hence be counted as one of the best apps to clean your Android. It has emerged as one of the most popular cleaning software both for PCs and Android devices. CCleaner helps you speed up your device by removing junk, clearing application cache, clipboard content as well as the browser history.

The app has an inbuilt manager which offers separate tabs for system apps and user installed apps. The app also helps you monitor RAM usage and CPU. Optimize your device with just a few steps and scan your device and clean unnecessary stuff in minutes using the CCleaner app.

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  1. History Eraser

This is yet another useful app which falls on the list of the best apps to clean your Android.  Your smartphone might contain a lot of items and details which can prove to be potentially harmful under the wrong person’s hands. You will not have to worry about this as with the help of History Eraser, all your woes will be removed.

History Eraser helps to clean up the history of the app with just one click and does not even require root access, clear call logs, browser history, download history, clipboard data and much more with just one click. The app used a simple process to delete everything to avoid manual delete. THe free version is available, but one can also use the paid version for a certain fee.

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  1. SD Maid

This is also one of the best apps for cleaning up Android. This powerful tool has a simple user interface that does not hog much of the memory of your device. Root access is required for this app to work properly. This app serves the purpose of tidying your Android device by deleting the remnants of uninstalled apps and cleaning the system.

With this app, you can easily use the App Control feature to reset, freeze and remove the system and user apps. Application databases are easily detectable by this app and you are given the option to shrink it to free up storage space. With the pro version, you can use this app to find the duplicates of any file and also find the app that eats up your storage.

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  1. Startup Manager

If you have experienced a considerable increase in the boot time of your device, then this app is the best app to clean up your Android. Startup Manager decreases the boot time of the device by disabling the startup items. The startup items are categorically separated into User apps, System apps, and Customized list. You can add start up items here. You can also use the app to calculate boot time and disable the boot sound as well.

  1. Duplicate Contacts and Utilities

This is yet another one of the best apps to clean up Android. This app is targeted to those who struggle with thousands of contacts on their device. This app detects duplicate contacts and removes them. The country codes and space between the phone numbers are not considered when searching for phone numbers. Its algorithm can also detect the same contact number against different names.

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If you download the pro version of the app, you can remove empty contacts, duplicate emails and also import and export contacts.

All these apps are among the best apps to clean your Android. If you are having problems with the working speed of your device, feel free to use these apps and take care of your problems right away.

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