Are you looking Anti-Theft Lock Screen Mobile app? Download Now

An all in one suite for a locker app, the iLock- Anti-Theft Lock screen is a must have app for all your security needs. Prevent your vital information from being tampered with, and prevent anyone from accessing your mobile phone with the use of this revolutionary app.

The iLock- Anti-Theft Lock screen has been equipped with a remote control alarm as well as a phone locator. Another cool use of this app features a USB alarm. With all these features, there is not need to be concerned about a phone being stolen.

Another added feature of this cool and protective app is that it is devoid of Ads! You will not need to be worried about ads popping up at the most irritating of times.

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What do you need to install this Lock screen app?

The prerequisites of installation of the iLock app are pretty simple. You need a front facing camera. It is not mandatory but hugely recommended. The processor speed of your phone should be decent too. Without a decent speed, the app might become a bit slow and sluggish.

What are the perfect features of the iLock app?

There are several cool features in the app that make your mobile phone safer. The user interface is light weight, cool and easy to use. To enable the alarm or the GPDS locator, simply turn on SMS commands if your phone is stolen. Anyone who enters the wrong pin will have their snapshot taken. You will know who cis trying to get into your phone in a few seconds.

The interface is easy to use but is also sleek and eye catching. Another added feature is the USB alarm. It prevents the phone from being stolen during charging. The cloud syncing apps can be enabled and integrated with the app. The photos of intruders can then be uploaded to the cloud. This feature is subjected, however, to the limitations of the 3rd party apps.

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How to use the SMS commands?

If the phone gets stolen, borrow another phone and SMS the commands to the number. For this, your mobile phone must be switched on. The SMS commands to be used are:

  1. CODEWORD (This code activates the alarm feature. The phone will play the alarm repeatedly).
  2. Stop CODEWORD (This code stops the alarm).
  3. GPS CODEWORD (This code makes the phone reply within 40 seconds. The exact location of your phone will be sent to you).

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