How to send an anonymous text? Anonymous Texting

Technology is both fun and daunting and if you want to be anonymous when you send a text, you also options for it. Sending an anonymous text is a fun task, but you must, however, make sure that you do not violate the rights of anyone when doing so. If you want to have fun with a friend or a colleague, read on to find how to send an anonymous text.


1. Using email account

You will not want to use your existing email account otherwise the message receiver will be able to view your personal details and known that has sent the text. Make instead a new email account by eliminating your personal details.

Get the phone number of the person you want to send the message to. Confirm the mobile number of the person you wish to send the text to. Now, all you need to do is confirm the carrier of the person. It might be AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint or any other carrier. If you are not sure about it, you can easily look up the carrier online.



Combine the phone number of the text receiver with the phone carrier email. The email templates are different for different carriers and you can find the email template easily online. Compose the message you want to send and send it to the email template of the receiver. Be sure to do this from your new email account.

2. From the iPhone

You will frilly need to select an app for your iPhone. These might include the likes of Backchat, Burner, TextNow, Pinger, TextPlus, TextNow, Wickr me etc. search and install one of the above-mentioned apps. Enter your apple id password; open it and the app will help you create a new fake number using the instructions provided. You can now send your text easily.



3. From Android phone

Select an app suitable for you. Android has a huge store of anonymous texting apps like Anonymous Texting, Anonymous SMS, Private Text Messaging, Anonytext and much more than can be downloaded. Launch the Google play store, search for the required app, download it and enter the contact’s phone number. Simply write your message and click send. Your text will be sent anonymously just like that.



4. Using a web-based site

There is a huge number of anonymous text sending web-based sites that can be used too. You can simply search the keywords like anonymous texting and you will come up with a list of such sites. Carefully read the rules of the selected website and stick to it, most sites do not let you choose an anonymous number but rather generate it for you. Type the receiver’s phone number, write your message and send it.



There are a variety of methods that can be sued to send a message. However, be sure to not to overdo things by sending humiliating and harsh messages. Note that if you cross boundaries, your IP and address can be easily tracked. Have fun with anonymous texting but don’t overdo it.

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