Airbnb: Start Traveling the World with a Few Taps

Everybody wants to enjoy but the way of enjoyment may be of different types someone likes to dance, someone likes to sing and someone likes to travel. Airbnb is for those who wants travelling and it also good source of earning money from your extra space.

This is the specially designed app for travellers which make travelling easy as like playing games in your mobile phones. Airbnb has more than 2 million listing in 34000 cities. It connects you with the experience that is right for you. This app will timely message to guest and host, gush over your itinerary, and it will suggest you the unforgettable destination where you would wish to visit.

 With the help of this app you will discover thousands of places to stay in 34000 cities, you can find and book room directly from your mobile phone, you can message to the host to get the right direction and you can share your wish list with your friends. You just need to download airbnb and start travelling world with simple taps.

For to host the travellers you just need to give inform your guest from your phone. Host need to list the space and should manage listing, before saying yes to the guest you just get acquainted and potential, you need to accept and decline the guest and sometime you need to give them a special offer, host need to manage inquiries and need to respond to the message, host should update the calendaravailability. Travellers can access group to connect with the host community.

Beside this airbnb has got good rating and has good feedback form the user. In our view this app is one of the best traveller app in play store but if you are using better travelling app then this app you can mention the name of that app in comment section below.

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