How to activate 4G in NTC? 4G in Nepal

Development of communication has led to the creation of new services in the field of communications. Owing to this, the new 4G/LTE service has been opened to Nepali citizens. You might have then the question, how to activate 4G in NTC? Is 4G in NTC available? Moreover, what is 4G? Presented below, are the answers to all of your questions?


  • What is 4G/LTE?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. The fourth generation of mobile internet facility under the LTE is called 4G/LTE.

  • What are the advantages of 4G/LTE?

Fast, the durable internet is the major advantages of 4G over 3G. More bandwidth availability with audio visual facilities is added facilities provided by 4G.

  • Where are NTC 4G/LTE services available?

Shortly, the services will be provided all around the country. As of now, Kathmandu and areas of Pokhara have been facilitated by this service.

  • What do you need to use the 4G/LTE services?

You will need a smartphone, with a sim that supports 4G/LTE. You will also need to be in an area which has the 4G/LTE connectivity.

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  • How do I know if 4G/LTE service can be run on mu mobile phone?

Go to the Network Settings of your mobile. You will be shown a list of the services that your mobile phone can utilize. If 4G/LTE is among the list, your mobile phone can use the service. To run the 4G/LTE service on NTC, make sure that your mobile supports 1800 Mega Hertz band. For this, visit Specifications on your mobile.

  • Can I use the 4G/LTE service using my current sim card? How do I find out?

Dial *444# from your phone and you can check and activate the 4G/LTE service in your sim card.

  • How to obtain 4G/LTE sim card?

You can purchase the U-Sim, from Telecom offices in Chapel, Hattigauda, Gongabu, Sundhara, Chaauni, Babarmahal, Jawalakhel, SabhaBhawan, Thimi and Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu valley. In Pokhara, you can buy the sim from the Telecom office in Mahendrapul.

  • How much fee is required to start the 4G/LTE service of NTC in my sim card?

The service will be activated for free.

  • Which should APN be sued to utilize the NTC 4G/LTE service?

For this purpose, use the ntwap or ntnet APN.

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  • How much difference can we see in the price specifications between 4G/LTE and 3G/2G services?

NTC has issued the services of 4G/LTE in similar package rates as with 3G/2G services. Visit the website of the NTC for further information about packages.

  • What are the packages issued by the Nepal Telecom for 4G/LTE?

For a promotional offer, the following package plans have been issued.
• Postpaid users can use 4GB data in 4 days for free. For using more data beyond that, the amount of Rupees 1 per MB will be required.
• Other packages include:
• 10 MB @Rs 8 valid for 2 days
• 50 MB @Rs 35 valid for 10 days
• 200 MB @Rs 130 valid for a month
• 500 MB @Rs 300 valid for a month
• 1GB @Rs 500 valid for a month
• 3GB @Rs 1290 valid for 2 months
• 5GB @Rs 1800 valid for 3 months

  • How to known if I can use the 4G/LTE promotional offer packages from the sim I am using right now?

Dial *444#. You can know the status of your sim and activate the 4G/LTE service this way. If your sim has been activated and if you have a 4G/LTE compatible sim, you can use the Promo Pack. You will obtain the following message.
“4G_promo_pack has been activated. The offer is valid till YYMMDD HH: MM: SS”
If your sim is not compatible with 4G/LTE, you will obtain the following message.
“Your SIM card needs to be UPGRADED to USIM. Please replace your SIM card from Nepal Telecom mobile counters. Thank You- Nepal Telecom”

  • What will happen to the data I have bought now after I start the 4G/LTE service in my SIM?

You can easily use the purchased existing data as per your need. You can use the old package in the speed of the 4G/LTE if your SIM is compatible with the service and if you are in the coverage area of 4G/LTE.

  • If I have more questions regarding 4G/LTE, where do I contact?

You can simply call 1498 for accessing the customer service department, for more information, visit the site

How to activate 4G in NTC? Now you know very clearly. Hope, These most asking question, and the answers will help you.

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