10 of the Best Hotels in Pokhara, Nepal

Needless to state, the Lake City of Pokhara has been one of the most visited destinations across Nepal. With a huge number of places to visit and its inexplicable natural beauty that attracts its visitors, Pokhara is also home to the best hospitality areas in Nepal. Amalgamated with the natural beauty, awesome places and exquisite hotels, Pokhara which is the gateway to almost all of the trekking regions of the Annapurna Range, is a perfect destination to lay back and relax. Mentioned below are the 10 best hotels in Pokhara which have managed to win the hearts of its residents by the highest quality of service and a king like an experience they give to their people.

10 Best Hotels in Pokhara

1. Mount View Pokhara

This hotel falls first on the list of the best hotels in Pokhara. Its ambiance is made better by the views of the exquisite mountain ranges of the Annapurna as well as the Manaslu region which will be made available to you from the hotel windows.

2. Glacier Hotel and Spa

Along with being a magnificent hotel with a restaurant, this hotel has spa facilities to give you the best king like experience ever.

3. Hotel Middle Path and Spa

This beautiful hotel showcases a fantastic and cozy experience with views of mountain ranges, enroll yourself on a spa and be happy with your stay in the Traveler’s Choice 2016 winner hotel in Pokhara.

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4. Hotel Adam

This hotel is a good place to relax and has been strategically placed in a great location with great view and great room services.

5. Tourist Residency

This is another one of the hotels with a perfect ambiance and room services which will make you feel special.

6. Hotel Orchid

Proud of its hardworking and incredible staff, this hotel provides a comfortable stay, a rich ambiance, and perfect facilities.

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7. Hotel Himalayan Inn

This hotel boasts a good experience at a cheap price. Its staff as well as the owners are friendly and offer perfect services to make you feel at home.

8. Temple Tree Resort and Spa

Temple tree provides you with affordable luxury and is the best value for money. It also falls on the list of the Travelers’ Choice Winner.

9. Sacred Valley Inn Pokhara

Another one on the list of the 10 best hotels in Pokhara is the Sacred Valley Inn. The food here is wonderful and the staff is friendly and cater to all of your needs pretty well.

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10. Pokhara Choice Inn

This hotel falls on number 10 on the list of the 10 best hotels in Pokhara. This hotel is surely set to make you happy and satisfied for the services you will have encountered.

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