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Are you searching for cheap international calls to Nepal to talk with your loved ones? We share you few of the solutions that provide the cheap international calls to Nepal. These may not be the cheapest one, we are just trying to share what we have found to be cheap while we call to Nepal. If you know cheaper solutions then the mentioned below please do share in the comment below.

Cheap International Calls to Nepal


Amantel provides phone cards through which we can call to Nepal at a cheap price. A mantel can be used with any phone and any carrier and also doesn’t require the internet for calling. Amantel doesn’t require dialing pin to call you just need to dial the access number and their system will automatically recognize the pin number.

Using Amantel you can call to Nepal from USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, New Zealand, Chile, Poland, Romania, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Amantel provides call options not only to Nepal but various other countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. as well. From the USA you can call to Nepal at the rate of 8 cents per minute or can also for 105 minutes for $10, 282 minutes for $25 and 585 minutes for $50.

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This is another cheap option to call to Nepal from the USA. For this, you need to register a SIM card and Top-Up using either their My Lycamobile platform or the instructions. Lycamobile has over 30 million users and has various features like multi-lingual customer services, high-quality network and you need not sign a contract and most important is you can use your existing number which means that you need not change the number to use their sim card. Besides Nepal, Lycamobile provides cheap calls to various countries like India, China, Mexico, South Korea,etc. The rates to call to Nepal from Lycamobile is 9 cents per minutes and 12 cents per SMS.

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NobelCom is one of the cheapest calling card providers we have found till now. Started since 1998, NobelCom provides you the best rates through phone cards for international calls. The features includes are free iOS/Android app, local access numbers, pinless dialing, auto recharge system, free PC to the phone app, and 24/7 customer service.

NobelCom provides different calling cards to call in Nepal named as hello Nepal, Dial Nepal, 1 second Nepal,etc each with its own features and call rate. Using Hello Nepal card you can call as low as 6.90 cents per minute, similarly using dial Nepal you can call at 9.90 cents per minutes. The cards provided by NobelCom each have their own conditions for rounding, Maintenance fee, and connection fee.


With Local03 you can call not only on Nepal but throughout the world. With its mobile app, you can directly call from your contact list. No pin or prefix is needed while calling from USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. Also, there are no registration or cancellation fees. From Local03 you can call to Nepal as low as 8 cents per minute or call for 124 minutes at $9.90.

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