How to Block [email protected] on Android? Follow 7 Steps

If you are handing over your mobile phone to your kid, it is essential to keep them away from adult themed websites. How to block [email protected] in android? How to stop your kids from accessing adult themed content from your phone? The only way to ensure that you kids do not see adult-themed content, read how to block [email protected] on Android.

HOW TO BLOCK [email protected] ON ANDROID?

Step 1: Open the Play Store. Go to your home screen and open the Play Store app from the app drawer.
Step 2: Click on the spyglass icon on the top right.
Step 3: Search for the apps which are suitable to block [email protected] If you are not sure about the apps that can be used to block [email protected], then look for the app named Parental Flux. Click on the Parental Flux option.
Step 4: Click on the install button on the Parental Flux option. Click on the Accept and Download. Install the browser into the Android device. After the Parental Flux program has been downloaded, click on the Open option, this will open the program after downloading has finished.

Step 5: Enter the password. When you are prompted to enter the password, enter the password. On the box given below, reenter the same password. Click on the Save option next. This password is the one that should be used later when locking the browser. Without this password, the browser will not be changed by other users.
Step 6: Open the Parental Flux Menu. Hit the many buttons on your phone and bring up the flux menu. Select the filters option.
Step 7: Check on the boxed. There are a number of options, along with the option of [email protected] Check on the [email protected] option. On the mobile browser, [email protected] is now blocked. It is now safe to use the browser now.


This is how we can block [email protected] on android using the Parental Flux app. If possible, you can also use other apps available on the Play Store, which function similarly.

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