DV Lottery 2019 – Submit DV lottery Successfully

Electronic Diversity Visa (DV) has big values to the third world countries like Nepal. Every year, hundreds of people getting Diversity visa and they are going to the United States for jobs and make a career. DV lottery is totally free for selected countries. But here in Nepal, people have already set minded. That it is ‘only I will get a DV lottery if I apply from the consultant agency or computer institute. That’s concept is totally wrong.

Candidates can fill up the form from the own computer (house or working station) and its applying process is very easy. Just be serious and give correct information. So, how to successfully apply for Electronic Diversity Visa from the own computer? We are going to share ideas about it.

How to Apply DV Lottery?

  • Login dvlottery.state.gov, This is the official website of US Government to submit Electronic Diversity Visa lottery.
  • Candidates must know some conditions before applying Diversity Visa lottery, like full name, address, educational qualifications, photo and its size etc.
  • Certificate level (+2) is a basic educational qualification to apply the Diversity Visa lottery.
  • Candidate’s photo must be very natural and latest. Don’t use Photoshop to be over handsome/beautiful. You are not going to upload photos on the Facebook or Twitter. 🙂
  • According to the official site, actual photo size is 600*600 pixels. Picture height and width, both size must be 600 pixels.


  • After selecting the photo, and detail of information about you, click on ‘Begin Entry’ and fill the details.
  • Finally, don’t forget to keep final web page of the browser. The best idea is to print that page or save that web page on the computer. That number and other information will help to check the result when  Diversity Visa Lottery published.

This is the best and very easy way to apply DV lottery from your own house or residence.

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